Sunday, December 11, 2005

works sited and bibliography for alternative fuels

Works Cited

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What a cool website. I feel this could be the saving force for many of our problems involving fuel cartels and greed. This technology is being pushed by industries who want to spend less on fuel, and who are organized enough to do so. There some great facts and figures here, plus links to all sorts of other things related.

Mendelson, Johnathan. “Coal”

Mendelson works with environmentalists from around the globe, and is quite active himself. Many of my references were pointed out from his sites. I use his statements on coal.

Reuters. “Exxon’s $10B net a U.S. Corporate record” CNN 27 Oct. 2005

Some dirt was necessary if I was to accurately throw tomatoes in these guys direction. $10B is a lot of dirt.

Robbins, Tom. Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas

New York: Bantam, 1994

This rather obscure reference is actually quite pertinent: the character giving the quote about the bonfire is a stock exchange genius gone to higher things…like frogs, woof woof! You’d have to read the book to get that. Anyway, Robbins does some fairly lengthy and thorough research for all his great books, this one included, and I feel pretty confident using his stuff to back up my point.

Russel, Peter. The White Hole in Time

New York: Bantam, 1992

This gem of a book is a great read, and, puts into perspective what we’re dealing with as far as trends of the human race go. The spectrum of thought Russel pursues is extraordinarily broad and in depth, too much to cram into a few pages. But technology, which is one of the primary focuses of the book, is intimately linked with fuel. I couldn’t resist tapping some of his work.

Segal, Robin. “All About Alternative Fueled Cars”

Dr. Segal puts out a very informative overview of transportation alternatives in a non-biased way. Segal covers vehicles from the electric to hydrogen, citing pros and cons for all. It is Segal’s shining review of diesel, bio-diesel and diesel-hybrids that I pull from in this text.

The National Hydropower Association. A Clean Source for our Future

Washington, DC 2005

Here’s a mildly disturbing site- if these guys are telling the whole truth, then there is some heavy greasing of the cogs on a governmental scale for coal. 8-10 years for a dam that produces electricity? That’s insane, compared to the 18 months for a coal fired, smoke belching plant.

The Nuclear Energy Institute. “Statement to the Congressional Subcommittee on

Energy and Resources” Patrick Moore
I use this article perhaps more than any other for the paper. The credibility of the founder of Greenpeace backing nuclear power is too much to resist. His perspective is one of an all-encompassing solution, not just how to be green, dirty hippies- not that there’s anything wrong with that… While Greenpeace whole heartedly disagrees with his view’s, Mr. Moore puts up a very solid argument in nuclear favor, much stronger than “the don’t do anything, let’s go live in the trees again” argument, which is quite unrealistic.

“The Pursuit of Energy Independence: NPR Talk of the Nation”

David Friedman, Neal Conan, 1 Aug. 2005

This was a short blurb where Neal Conan interviewed David Friedman about energy independence. Friedman makes some good points about fuel economy and technological potential, particularly when it comes to why the U.S. companies aren’t making their automotives more efficient. He ties that to the declining state of the Big Three’s stocks and the rise of the foreign market. The part I pull from is the statement of the domestic manufacturers mentality: greed.

US Department of Energy “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy”

Here’s a huge site on all things energy from a federal point of view. While I didn’t get any direct or even indirect quotes here, this did help shape things, so it deserves mention.


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