Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Research stuffs

Eric Renner
Eng 151 T/TH 12:45
Research Exercise #1 – Exploratory Research
Topics choices: Effects of Capitalism on Youth

Title of First Encyclopedia Entry “Capitalism”

This article is great, it lays down what capitalism is, where and how it was formed, and what systems of wealth came before, creating the system we see today.

Title of Second Encyclopedia Entry “Advertising”

Again much information was to be had: some history and events leading up to modern advertising.

Summary with Paraphrase

I would like to stress that capitalism is based on private ownership of the production facilities, profits coming from investment and “employment of labor.” Nowhere is it stated that the labor can profit from being labor. The article does state that government intervention is required to prevent an abuse of this system, but that is beyond the scope of this paper. Enter advertising. Now we get some good stuff to base a paper off: cited in the second article are the major criticisms surrounding advertising. First it creates markets based off imaginary values, selling to people stuff they don’t really want or need, second much of that stuff could even be bad for the consumer- like smokes and various drugs, etc. The advertiser’s rebuttal is a slippery claim to innocence, saying that advertising is to sell, not build up a system of values; that needs are being fulfilled- even if they are nonexistent at the time; and products are being improved via competition.


Here I see a big hole in capitalism- the divide of the classes- being filled by an advertising industry dry-humping the proletarians into a false sense of reality, and getting them hooked on various products like the corner crack dealer. With a half-dazed, fattened stock of workers, there lies the potential to exploit, and exploit their children as well, were some one evil enough to do so. I know this sounds like it has a bit of a slant to it, but that’s just the dream sold in high school of “you can do anything” being fully realized as “you can do anything, provided you know the right people, have a good education, and are lucky as hell.”

Key words: Capitalism, Advertising


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