Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Line in the Sand

There is a line drawn in the sand of everyone's individual beach as to where friends stop being "just friends", and start becoming deeper, more intimate relationships. This line gets washed away and rescratched many times, and is certain to be different for everyone. Personally, I view love and friendship as one and the same, just different levels of engagement.
I have love for my friends and family, and I can certainly say I love my family more than my friends. Allow me to clarify my version of love briefly: love is the combining of, the point where two people stop being two people and share something on a level deeper than words. It can be as simple as two friends pointing and laughing at a frivolous thing or down the spiralling depths of a fully intimate romance, conscious minds melting together into one pulsating, brilliant being, drawing lasting connections together like flash spots in the retina after looking at the sun. Enter the line in the sand, a door way, a defensive wall. This protection is a natural thing derived from social upbringing and reinforced by experience. We realize over time that relations are not permenent, not even family. People die, move and change, and so do we. For every engagement there are consequences, and our line in the sand is the decisive tool, weighing out pro's and con's against experience and our own mysterious psyches.


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