Thursday, September 01, 2005

Round two

I know I must write a paragraph. Reading these things always seems much easier, but so is eating a meal. To create means to take the magic out and pin the various bits to the disecting tray, analyzing them until raw data exists as function and order, a framework waiting to be filled out. But those are only the first steps of creation, emulation and deconstruction. Once the idea has been captured and it's spirit broken, then it can be rearanged. Boot camp follows the same principles to that extreme, breaking down the individuals to component pieces of a force, then using images of glory and gravity to emphasize any preexisting notions and build new ones. However not all ideas need be broke down or trimmed away to be expanded upon so dramatically. The real craft is the reassembly into something that has intentions carefully wrought through and through. A friend once told me there is a difference between a technichian and an artist; the technichian can reproduce the original flawlessly, but the artist can create it anew.


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