Tuesday, September 27, 2005

mom's fresh off the boat

Actually my mom is not off the boat, or my grandparents, or theirs. While I cannot relate to immigration status I can understand the alienation point of view, not here nor there. For myself, a whole family was the strange thing, yet I was not without one. Mom was a single mother of three. Her single mother status placed her in the money making position and the raising children position. My mother made sacrifices so I could eat and have a place to stay. The latter I do commend her on, as working a full time job leaves very little energy for three kids, and she did a good job (as far as I can tell). There is a similarity of sacrifices between Caroline Hwang's parents and my own: a sense of something owed. Not in the cold business transaction sense, but an expectation and hope that if they try hard enough, though their lives be lost, their children's lives will have an added opportunity. This is the most practical form of immortality that we can test. Parents know they are dieing and feel the need to pass on knowledge and hopes and dreams, through their kids they will live again.


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