Tuesday, September 13, 2005

katrina stuffs

Opinion/ reactions:
Magnitude. The natural impact is relatively small in comparison to the chain reactions rippling through the social communities in ever widening circles, starting from impact zone to the other end of the world.

Springs back pretty quick.

Levees and why they were not built up higher, class issues and blame.

Economic buildup- setting the scene
Larger issues have been caused by the lack of organized focus during the hurricane.
What issues had been overlooked or neglected. What things could have been done to prevent magnifying crisis. Levees

Blame cat.
What new issues have been caused by an unfocused officials. Sanitary, security, deathtoll, business and loss thereof , fingerpointing to a new level, removal of Michael brown, confusion, rearrangement of beauraucracy

Because of the lack of organized focus during the hurricane Katrina crisis, many larger issues have sprung forth; such as the health of the local population, securing a devastated area, additional strain on aid and of course, blame.

Unfocused organization during the hurricane Katrina crisis has given rise to many avoidable problems.


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